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Pine Forest Cemetery Board of Directors has generously allowed the New Hanover County Public Library to make the Pine Forest Cemetery Register digitized and available to the public. Please be aware that causes of death are provided for a number of the persons listed in the register. This information is available on public record death certificates and has been included in the official register.


If you have any questions when completing this form, please contact info@pineforestcemetery.org.

Today, as the final respite of these noble enslaved and free men and women, Pine Forest is a sanctuary for history, education, and inspiration. As such, we realize there is interest in researching it. The Cemetery is open to all levels of instructional inquiry. To begin, please complete the information below and select an area of research. Below are the types of study in which the Board is most interested:


  • Assessing the condition of the Cemetery
  • Recording individual markers or monuments
  • Monument fragment and removal record
  • Documenting Cemetery vandalism
  • Determining the height of tall monuments with a clinometer
  • Cemetery disaster assessment
  • Other

*This form must be completed and submitted six months before the initiation of research. Research may not begin before approval.


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