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To Create a Beautiful Garden That Softens Citizens Grief.

Across the landscape of Pine Forest Cemetery, there are many signs of the craftmanship devoted to the enclosure and commemoration of the deceased.  Marble and granite markers are found throughout the Cemetery, as well as finely detailed iron enclosures. The beauty of Pine Forest is found not only in its physical landscape but in the memories of those persons resting there who labored, were firsts, and made a significant impact on the local, state, and national history: The following offer but a glimpse into the history of those buried there.


Representative George Price:  The African American legislator who introduced the bill to the North Carolina General Assembly requesting incorporation of a Negro burial ground in Wilmington, NC, which in November 1869 became the Pine Forest Cemetery Inc.


Unknown Victims of 1898 Insurrection: Those who died November 10, 1898, were buried during the Insurrection.


Based on belief and information, below are some of the more notables :


Mr. George M. Arnold: City alderman 1869; U.S. Custom House Officer; Republican executive committeeman

Mr. Henry Brewington: Republican politician during Reconstruction; City alderman; magistrate; N.C. House of Representative,1874

Mr. James K  Cutlar: Republican politician during reconstruction; U.S Inspector of customs 1884-1887

Mr. John C. Dancy: Delegate to four Republican conventions; U.S. Collector of Customs for the port of Wilmington 1891-94

Dr. James B. Dudley: The president of North Carolina A&T College from 1896-1925.

Mr. Josh Halsey: He was born around 1846, died November 10, 1898, of a gunshot, and was buried during the 1898 Insurrection bury in the Halsey family plot,  Section C.

John C Hill:  Republican politician during reconstruction; register of deeds, 1877-1878; justice of the peace 1877-78; Member of the N.C. House of Representatives; city alderman; captain in State Guard; and the magistrate.

Mr. John T. Howe: U.S. mail clerk and N.C. House of Representative 1897

Mr. Valentine Howe: The builder of Wilmington’s many fine and significant buildings and a former N.C. House of Representatives.

Mrs. Dorothy Jackson Johnson: A teacher and school Board Member

Honorable Abraham Galloway: Republican Senator; 1868-76

Sam McFarland:  He was born in  South Carolina around 1850, “died of a gunshot in his body” on November 12, 1898, and was buried in

lot M or N, section 2 during the 1898 Insurrection.

Mr. John E. Taylor: The Deputy Collector of Customs for the Port of Wilmington at the end of the 1800s. He was also an assistant major in 1897.

Dr. James Francis Shober: Was the first licensed physician in North Carolina.

Dr. Robert Taylor: The first Negro architect to graduate from a Massachusetts Institute of Technology architecture in the United States.

Attorney George Mabson: The first Negro attorney in the state of North Carolina

D Mr. William Moore: The North Carolina General Assembly 1874-75 and member of N.C. Senate

Bishop John H. Shaw: A local mortician and bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

Representative William H. Waddell: Superintendent of city improvements and N.C. House of Representative 1881-83




Mr. E.E Green

Mrs. Mary Washington Howe

Mrs. Hannah E. Kelly

Mrs. Lillian Shober

Dr. Frank Avant: A local physician

Dr. John Mask: A local physician

Dr. Thomas Mask: A local physician

Dr. John Austin: A local physician

Mr. George Chadbourn: A local businessman

Mr. Robert Chestnut: A local businessman

Mr. David Sadgwar: A local businessman

Mr. R.S. Jervay: The publisher

Mr. Alfred Hargraves: A local businessman

Mr. Levi Mosley: A local businessman

Mr. John Lewis: A local Businessman

Mr. Lorenza Kennedy.

Mr. John Rivera:

Mr. Allen Evans Jackson

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